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Fire Blanket small 1.2Mtr

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Fire Blanket - 1.2mtr x 1.2mtr

Suitable for class F fires - Cooking oils and Fats
Every kitchen should have one handy

Fire blankets are made out of fire-resistant fabric and are used to smother flames caused by cooking or clothing fires. They should be located in the kitchen far enough away from the stove so they can accessed if there is a fire on the stove. Fire blankets may be used as a thermal barrier against radiated heat. In the case of a clothing fire, the victim should be wrapped in the blanket and rolled on the ground. Note, the 1.2mtr x 1.2mtr sized blanket is not large enough for an adult clothing fire; the 1.8m x 1.8m blanket would be a better buy for this purpose.

Australian Standard certified Do not use on Flammable gas or electrical equipment fires
Only use on a very small and contained fire
Once used in a fire, they should be replaced.

Marine regulations require that a fire blanket must be carried on vessels where cooking facilities are located in an enclosed space, e.g. the galley on a yacht.

Certified & Approved to AS/NZ 3504- 3119

Packaged dimensions: 16.5cms wide x 28.5cms high
Hangs from 2 eye hooks - 104mm centres

For information on fire extinguisher types, how they work, where to locate them, visit our resources page

How to Use a Fire Blanket
To use a fire blanket:

  • Click to order this sign Pull the tabs to release the blanket;
  • Shake it open and, holding the tabs, cover hands with the blanket ends;
  • Place (do not throw) the blanket carefully over the vessel (eg frypan) to contain and smother the fire;
  • The source of heat (eg gas ring) should then be turned off and the fire blanket left in place until cool. Call the fire brigade 000
  • Under no circumstances should the blanket be lifted until completely cool - wait at least 15mins.
  • Model: FB12X12


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