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CO2 3.5Kg

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3.5 kg Carbon Dioxide fire extinguisher for fighting electrical fires- Australian Standards approved aluminium cylinder . Ideal for the computer room, electrical retailers, or electronic repair shops

Order these two signs as well CO2 is non-conductive and non-corrosive. It reduces the oxygen available to fuel the fire. It is used against fires involving live electrical appliances such as toasters, computers and switchboards. Limited usefulness on small flammable liquid fires, and cooking oil fires. Carbon Dioxide leaves no residue.
It is not suitable for outdoor use. Because it reduces oxygen it can be hazardous to humans in very confined spaces. CO2 extinguishers produce a loud noise when discharged, which may startle an inexperienced operator. Avoid discharging at people, frostbite to the eyes and face may occur. Avoid contact with metal components after use- "dry ice" may form on them.

Matching plastic security cabinet Rating 5B:E
Certified and approved to AS/NZS 1841.6
Dimensions 140mm x 575mm
Full Weight 9.2Kg
Operating pressure 58 bar
Comes with wall mounting bracket and blank record maintenance tag

If you want a stamped service record maintenance tag with your extinguisher, you can [order one here]. The tag is supplied separately and will be stamped at the mth/year of purchase. It will form the basis of indicating when your next 6 monthly inspection is due.

Note for use near Switchboards
(Australian Standards 2444 section 4.4.2 Significant Swithboards) A 5kg carbon dioxide extinguisher, or anther type of extinguisher having a minimum classification of 1A:E and fitted with a hose, shall be provided and shall be the extinguisher closest to the switchboard

  • Model: FB35CO2


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