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Numerical service punch

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Number punch for use on fire extinguisher maintenance record tags. This numerical service punch has the numbers 1-5 on it. It is only available to the trade.
Extinguishers are stamped level 4 service (number 4 ) on the service tag, after they have been pressure tested. The numbers stamped on the dates on the tag, give you a complete history of the fire extinguisher's service.

Level 1 = 6 monthly inspection
Level 2 = 12 monthly
Level 3 = 3 yearly pressure test instead of 4 yearly for hazardous environments, like extreme heat or cold or acid plants etc
Level 4 = 5 yearly pressure test
Level 5 = refill extinguisher

These are AS and international standards for pressure testing

Learn more about Fire extinguisher Pressure Testing
  • Model: SERVP


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