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9Ltr Fluorine free foam extinguisher

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Certified and approved to AS1841.4
Uses environmentally friendly synthetic foam instead of the regular AFFF concentrate that contains fluoroprotien. Sometimes called envirofoam or ecofoam. Safe for the environment and ideal for use in workshops, aircraft bases, garages, service stations, paint shops. Our Fluorine free foam extinguisher can be used wherever a traditional AFFF extinguisher would be used. Fully biodegradable and leaves minimal environmental impact. Approximately 97% was almost completely degraded after 14 days.

It can form an aqueous film which flows quickly over water-insoluble hydrocarbon fuel surfaces causing rapid fire extinguishing and vapour suppression. It also provides excellent penetrating and wetting qualities when used on Class A fires.

Fluorinated organic compounds have been a common ingredient in firefighting foams for many decades, being the key to the properties and effectiveness of some foams. There has been a growing awareness in recent times of the potential for very significant, long-term and widespread adverse human health and environmental effects of these compounds, with the result that this has brought them under particular scrutiny and has driven a reassessment of their use, fate, effects and the need for non-persistent alternatives. PFOS (perfluoro-octane sulfonate) and PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid ) are the most often mentioned fluorinated organic compounds and are well recognised as being of serious concern for human health and the environment.
Any firefighting foam containing PFOS or PFOA compounds have been completely banned by the Queensland Government since July 2016. All firefighting foam that contains Long-chain fluorinated organic compounds has been completely phased out in 2020.

Fire Rating: 3A:20B
EN3 fire rating: 43A:233B
Agent: Firesaint fluorine free foam
Approved to AS 1841.4, and EN3-7
Dimensions: 180mm x 638mm
Cylinder volume: 12.5L
Cylinder thickness: 1.2mm
Operating pressure: 10 bar
Weight when full: 13kg
model: FB90AFECO
  • Model: FB90AFECO


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