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Emergency eye wash extinguisher

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9Ltr Portable emergency eye wash station, provides quick response and supplementary support to primary eye wash and deluge shower stations. Perfect for sites requiring a mobile eye wash station that can be relocated quickly. The unit has NOT been submitted for certification to the Australian Standard. User can fill and pressurise this eyewash extinguisher using a tyre pump.
This stainless steel portable unit can provide a quick initial flush to help minimise injury. The stainless steel bottle can be placed on wall or vehicle brackets similar to those used by a fire extinguisher.

Maintenance: Clean & replace water every 4 weeks, use only fresh filtered potable water.

Stainless Steel Cylinder, rechargeable via tyre air filler connection, pressure gauge, safety relief valve, aerated outlet, large instruction label, compatible with existing extinguisher wall/vehicle brackets, 1.5m hose from bottle to aerated outlet.

Total mass: 12.1kg
Pressure: 700kPa
Discharge Outlet: Aerated
Recharge Inlet: Standard Tyre Fill Valve
Dimensions: 175mm W x 630mm H
Supplied with a wall bracket

Safety shower wash hose option:
Complete Hose Assembly with Nozzle: Part Number WFS9EYE $130 ex GST
  • Model: FSG9EYE


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