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Location Sign- Small

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Small fire extinguisher location sign

Australian standard AS2444, most building regulations, and WorkCover require these indicator signs to be displayed in a position that is clearly visible above your fire extinguisher

size: 155mm x 235mm

We recommend fixing with Liquid Nails or double-sided tape
Do NOT use petroleum-based glues

Extinguisher Location sign mounting heights (Source- NSW Fire Brigade Website)

Minimum - 2000mm above floor level
At a point that makes them most apparent to a person of average height & visual acuity.

  • The extinguisher or extinguisher sign shall be clearly visible for up to 20 metres on approach.
  • The size of the sign shall be determined by:
    • The location at which the sign shall be legible
    • The distance at which the sign shall be legible
  • A minimum of one sign must be provided above or adjacent to an extinguisher even if indicating the location of multiple or a mixed group of extinguishers.
  • The Australian Standard (AS) 2444 Portable Fire Extinguishers and Fire Blankets selection and location will provide comprehensive and specific information.
This is offered as a guide only - please refer to the latest version of The Australian Standard (AS) 2444.
  • Model: SLEXT


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