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Sapphire MRI Fire Extinguisher

A unique extinguisher that uses a chemical that is electrically non-conductive to reduce the risk of damaging sensitive equipment, it leaves no messy residue to clean-up. In the event of fire, there is minimal downtime. It has been designed with a non-magnetic stainless steel shell and non-magnetic valve, hose and nozzle, and can be safely used in an MRI room, or other areas where expensive electronic equipment needs protection such as data server centres. Environmentally friendly- Unlike some chemical agents, which last in the atmosphere for more than 33 years, SAPPHIRE™ lasts for just 5 days.

Effective against fires involving class A & class E
Non-magnetic stainless steel shell, valve, hose and nozzle
Leaves no messy residue and requires no clean-up
Does not comply with AS1841.1 clause 8.2 (a) Body Colour

NOTE: This is NOT a stocked item. Leadtime is around 4 weeks, and price varies, so ask for a quote.

typically priced around $1800

Agent Type: 3M™ Novec™ 1230

Weight Full: (approx) 9.1 kg
Fire Rating: 1A:E
Discharge Time: 11 sec
Effective Range: 2.5 - 3 M
H 648 mm
W 229 mm
D 178 mm

  • Model: FB90SAP


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