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Swing Arm Fire Hose Reel

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Swing type Fire Hose reel with 19mm hose, 36 metres long. Comes complete with wall mounting, nozzle, 25mm ball valve and nozzle locking device. No swinging hose, water flows through the swing arm swivel. 180 degree swing means no need to order left or right swing

Swing arm fire hose reels are mounted so that they swing out and allow the fire hose to unspool in the direction the user is pulling it. Making for a smoother reel operation.

The Australian Standard specifies that the swing arm mechanism can withstand a load test before certification. The swing type fire hose reel must not be modified, repaired, or dismantled, as such action would nullify the AS1221 product certification.

Fire hose reel dimensions Swing Fire hose reels must be maintained in accordance with AS1851.2 ‘Maintenance Of Fire Reel Protection Equipment - Part 2 Fire Hose Reels’ or NZS 4503. All 6 monthly and 12 monthly inspections and service should be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel who are familiar with AS1851.2 requirements for maintenance records and tagging. We can do this service for you.

These fire hose reels conform to AS/NZ 1221:1997 and should be installed to AS2441.2005

Read more about the Australian Standards for fire hose reels

Minimum discharge rate of 0.45 Litres per second
Test pressure 2.0 Mpa
When 'folded in' against the wall, the width measurement is 580mm from the far left (the mounting bracket) to the far right (the edge of the reel)

A stainless steel swing arm fire hose reel is available- lead time of 8 weeks, approx twice the price

Also available
- a door-mounted swing fire hose reel in cabinet
- a cheaper swing arm fire hose reel
  • Model: HRS037SA


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