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9kg Automatic Extinguisher

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9kg automatic fire extingisher. These Automatic fire Extinguishers work using a specially modified sprinkler valve which bursts at 79°C, throwing out ABE dry chemical powder.

Extinguishers are only useful if there is someone there to operate them! In critical areas where 24 hour or unmanned operation is likely, an automatic extinguisher can provide fire protection. Often used in enclosed compartments, engine rooms, and generator/plant rooms. They can be used as an alternative to fire sprinkler systems, in cases where water damage would be too costly.
Automatic extinguisher head
Ideally placed above flammable liquid bays or dangerous goods areas. They have not been submitted for Australian Standards testing, but use the same powder as our other DCP extinguishers.

To see a video of an automatic fire extinguisher in action, click on this American YouTube link

Agent Type: ABE Dry Chemical Powder
Total Mass: 14kg
Pressure: 1400kPa
Size: Diameter 300mm x 350mm H
Cylinder Construction: Mild Steel
Valve Construction: Brass
Cylinder Finish: Powder Coated Red
Valve Finish: Nickel Plated Brass
  • Model: FS9KGauto


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