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Mobile 120Lt AFFF on trolley

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Mobile Foam Extinguisher On Trolley

This AFFF mobile extinguisher is deployed in high risk areas where there is a lack of additional fire fighting cover.

The 120lt AFFF foam trolley unit is best for large foam applications. The foam liquid extinguisher on trolley is highly manouverable and it is suitable for outbreaks of fire that cannot be dealt with by using portable extinguishers.

It is effective on flammable liquid fire. This is a self-contained foam production unit which only requires connection to a suitable water supply (minimum water supply required is 180LPM at 5 bar).

Mobile AFFF performance chart

Standard Features

  • 2 x 15m 45mm Fire Hose with Aluminium BI Coupling (other fittings available)
  • 250 LPM Foam Inductor with pickup tube
  • 250 LPM Low Expansion Branchpipe
  • Control Valve (2" Ball Valve)
  • fibreglass tank on trolley with 120lt AFFF Foam Concentrate included

Protection of oil storage installation loading stations, paint and solvent stores.

FREE delivery to most places in Australia (remote areas excluded)

Rating 120Litres
Certified and approved to AS/NZS 1841.4

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  • Model: FEX161


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