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Emergency information cabinet
Emergency information cabinet

$137.50 inc GST
Has Council issued you with a Fire Order?
You probably got a letter from Council headed variously:
  Notice of intention to issue an order no 6
  Notice of intention to give an order
  Proposed Fire order
  Section 121B-6 Fire Safety Order
  Section 121H EPA Act 1979 notice of proposed order

Any or all of the following measures may be required in a fire safety order:
Automatic smoke detection, alarms and fire indicator panels
Building occupant warning systems, emergency lighting, and exit signs
Fire resistent ceilings, and solid core fire doors
Portable fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems
Smoke dampers, fire dampers and ventilation systems
Modifications to air conditioning
Certification of electrical wiring, changes to electrical switchboards
Provision of fire hydrants
Hand rails and other modifications to fire stairs

Fast response- Click to contact us about your Fire Order We are in a unique position to meet all these needs WITHOUT using subcontractors. We have a division dedicated to managing fire safety orders. We can cover Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and ACT. We have, in-house, fire alarm and sprinkler experts, electricians, a licenced builder, and a plumber, and the resources of our mechanical air division. With just one point of contact for all your fire safety order, the job will run smoothly and not be troubled by lack of communication between lots of sub-contractors who don't know what the last person there did.

Act now!
If you want to argue for more time or fewer requirements, the 2 weeks you usually get to repond to Council before it makes the order, is not very long! Contact us now. We need time to inspect and write a report BEFORE that time expires. You don't have time to call an owners meeting. Once the order is in place Council will NOT change it, they are not interested in whether or not you had time to think about it! The way they see it they urgently need to act to protect the lives of the people in that building.

Because these orders relate to fire safety and potential death or injury, both the Council and the Law takes them very seriously. The work required is often very expensive, and because it is done after the building is constructed, retrofitting pipes and wiring can be very disruptive. Further, Council often requires the fire upgrades to be done in a very short time period- typically 3 months

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