$16.50 total shipping cost for most orders!

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Fire Safety Certificates

Delivery Costs

We have a flat-rate fee of $16.50 for delivery, if you can unload the shipment yourself, ie you have a forklift on site. So, even though many of our products are both heavy and bulky, we'll send all of them to you for a total of just $16.50 (inc GST), no matter what size your order! Note: fire extinguishers are pressurised vessels, so they cannot be sent through Australia Post.

If the order is small - ie say 3 extinguishers, and you do not need a forklift to unload it, then the $16.50 rate applies. If the load sits on a pallet and you have the facility to unload it from the truck, then the $16.50 rate also applies.

If the load sits on a pallet and you do NOT have the facility to unload it from the truck, then the $82.50 rate applies. if the delivery driver has to help you to unload it, or unpack the pallet to leave it, then the rate is $82.50

If you are not on the eastern seaboard of Australia, or in a capital city*, we may not be able to deliver for our usual fee. Place your order anyway, we will contact you if we can't deliver to your area for the usual fee.

Orders to remote locations in Australia, such as Northern Territory, Tas, and WA may need to be quoted for the freight charge, but generally it will not exceed $50. *Adelaide and Perth deliveries are at our flat-rate, if your order is more than $200, otherwise you will be asked to pay an extra $20. (It costs us $48 to send a single extinguisher to Perth)

We do not, deliver directly to overseas locations (outside Australia). If you want an order to go overseas we can work with your shipping agent. Terms are strictly payment by TT, before delivery - no credit cards! We have customers in Singapore, Fiji, PNG, and Solomon Islands.

Please contact us if you want a quote for delivery to a regional area. It may not be as expensive as you think!

Payment options:
Accepting credit card 
payments online by e-PathPayment methods We accept Amex, payment by direct deposit, PayPal, or phone-in your credit card. There is no surcharge for using your credit card to pay.

How to order:
You can add items straight into your shopping cart, as you see them. When you click the "add to cart" button it will add one to your order, if you want more, just change the quantity, and click the "update" button. You must create an account before you can complete your order. Creating an account is just a matter of putting in your name and address details, it is not a credit account you are setting up. Once you have an account you will be able to put items into your shopping cart, and they will stay there until you are ready to pay for them. With an account, you will also be able to shop faster, check an order's status, and look up the orders you have made in the past.

Very small orders:
Sorry, if you just want one sign, or a tag, it will still cost you $16.50 to post it! This is to cover our handling costs and to discourage very small orders. If you have a large order, please request a quote- we may be able to do a better price that that shown on the website.

Urgent orders- Pick-up:
We can arrange for you to pick up your order at our warehouses in Rydalmere (Sydney), Beresfield NSW, Melbourne- Knoxfield Vic, or Brisbane- Stapylton Qld. For this to happen, you need to order and pay with us first. The warehouses do not have retail payment facilities. Call first. Our Taree and Pyrmont offices do not carry any stock.

Diesel Units

Fire Safety Inspections

We can do your Annual Fire Safety Certificate if you are in Sydney, Gosford, or Newcastle. Free Quote

Sydney Fire Safety Certificate