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Strathfield Council

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Get a Fire Safety Statement as required by the Municipality of Strathfield for DA approval and occupancy certificates. Our assessor is a "competent fire safety practitioner" as defined by the new regulations that came into force on 1 Oct 17.

We are able to service the all the inner western suburbs region of Sydney including Enfield, Flemington, Homebush, Homebush West, Strathfield, Belfield, and Greenacre. Our Alexandria-based fire services team can provide Fire Safety checks, Fire Safety Certificates and Annual fire Safety Statements
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An annual Fire Safety Statement certifies that the essential fire safety measures have been tested, are currently operational and have been maintained in accordance with the Australian standards. The building owner is required to submit a Fire Safety Statement to Council each year.

Building owners are required to submit a Fire Safety Certificate to Council before a new building is occupied, and when a new DA is completed.

A Fire Safety Certificate or Statement is submitted by or on behalf of the building owner, and certifies that specified essential fire safety measures have been installed and perform in accordance with the relevant BCA requirements and Australian Standards.

Copies of the Fire Safety Certificate and Fire Safety Statement must be displayed in a conspicuous place in the building and a copy sent to the NSW Fire Brigades.

Under the provisions of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP & A Reg), owners of buildings have a legal obligation to supply the Commissioner of the NSW Fire Brigades with a copy of any Fire Safety Certificate and Fire Safety Statement listing the fire safety measures applicable to their building.

Every twelve months after the first Fire Safety Certificate is issued, an Annual Fire Safety Statement must be prepared and forwarded to Council. The annual Fire Safety Statement must certify that a properly qualified person has inspected the building, assessed the fire safety measures, and found that the measure is capable of performing to the relevant standard. A copy of the statement or certificate must also be prominently displayed in the building.

Clause 177 of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 states that it is an offence to fail to provide the statement. Escalating cumulative weekly penalty notices apply for this offence:
Failure to submit an Annual Fire Safety Statement could also lead to civil or criminal proceedings in the Land and Environment Court. The maximum penalty for breach is $110,000

But more importantly, a failure to meet these requirements can significantly affect the levels of fire safety afforded to the occupants of the building, which may threaten their life, as well as having serious insurance and liability implications for the building's owner

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