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FireFighting backpack sprayer
$319.00 inc GST

16 litre rigid Fire Fighting back pack designed for Australian bush fire fighting.
Rugged construction designed to withstand abuse - ergonomic design for user comfort. Designed & manufactured in Australia (some imported components).
Unique second lance storage position so both hands are available in rugged terrain.
Continual water jet achieved from the double action chromed brass pump, ie pumps on extension & compression strokes with a smooth and long action.
Operator fatigue is reduced with the unique ergonomic pump grip and handle. Comfortable straps.
Hose swivel to prevent tangles & enhance functionality.
Adjustable nozzle allows you to adjust performance for varying conditions.
All chromed brass construction with lubrication system to keep seals in top condition (very important as generally left a long time between uses & needed to work immediately, nothing worse than trying to fight a fire with a pump that is not working properly).
Suction line through the top of the tank so less risk of leaks.
Two one-way valves stop leakage and syphoning when not in use.
Filter in the lid to keep out debris when filling.
Conforms to Australian Standard AS1687 (Knapsack spray pumps for firefighting).
Weight: 3.5kg (empty)
Box dimensions: 420 x 180 x 655mm
Spray Distances: Vertical- 7Mtrs, Horizontal- 12 Mtrs, wide angle- 4Mtrs
Firefighting backpack sprayer
A steel vehicle mounting bracket is available for an extra $122 inc GST

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