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DCP ABE 1Kg- 4 for 3 deal
DCP ABE 1Kg- 4 for 3 deal

$132.00 inc GST
Home » Buy » Fire Extinguishers » Wet Chemical » RestaurPack
Restaurant Fire Safety pack
Serious restaurant/kitchen fire safety package

Includes a 4.5kg ABE dry powder, a 2 litre wet chemical fire extinguisher, a 3.5kg CO2 fire extinguisher, all with wall-mounting brackets, 1.8 x 1.2 Mtr fire blanket, and the 7 signs- fire blanket location sign, wetchem ID sign, ABE ID sign, CO2 ID sign, and 3 x fire extinguisher location signs

Do not locate the fire extinguishers, or fire blanket too close to the likely source of the fire. They should be located in the kitchen far enough away from the burners so they can be accessed quickly (and safely) if there is a fire. The wet chemical fire extinguisher is specifically designed to put out fires that come from deep fryers, cooking oils and fat. The CO2 is for use on electrical equipment like toasters, microwaves, coffee machines, and electric pizza ovens. This is the typical fire extinguisher combo for restaurants, cafes and take aways. Do NOT use the wet chemical on electrical, and do NOT use the CO2 on fat/oil fires

Click the small image above to see more detail about what you get in this restaurant fire safety package

Read more about [restaurant fire safety] on the NSW fire brigade website

extinguishers: AS/NZS 1841.3, Fire Blanket: AS/NZ 3504
2Lt Wetchem extinguisher size: 120mm x 430mm
fire rating: 1A:3F
Not for use on combustible liquids or flammable gases
Dangerous if used on energised electrical equipment

4.5kg Dry Chemical powder extinguisher size: 154mm x 428mm
fire rating: 3A:60B:E
All purpose, especially for flammable gases, such as powers restaurant ovens and stoves.

3.5kg CO2 extinguisher size: 140mm x 575mm
fire rating: 5B:E
Not for use on deep fryer fires- the gas discharge will throw burning fat about.

FREE: blank maintenance record tag attached to the extinguishers.

$467.50 inc GST


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