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DCP ABE 4.5Kg- 5 for 4 deal
DCP ABE 4.5Kg- 5 for 4 deal

$338.80 inc GST
Articles & Information About Fire Extinguishers
Fire Extinguisher Types
What do the ratings A,B,E,F mean? Which extinguishers are used for what fire? How do I decide which extinguisher to buy? What do the different colours mean? ...more

How do Extinguishers work?
Why are there different types of extinguishers? What size of fire extinguisher do I need? A fire extinguisher works to put out a fire because it removes one or more of the 3 essential elements of fire: HEAT, OXYGEN and FUEL. more...

Where to locate Fire Extinguishers
The requirements for the location of portable fire extinguishers is governed by the Australian standard AS2444. There are no simple rules to follow because each building is different, both in its layout, and fire risks. There are some general guidelines for locating fire extinguishers ... more

Online Fire Extinguisher store

Fire Extinguisher Australian Standards AS2444
There are usually three Australian Standards that apply to any fire safety product: one governing how they are constructed, one about how the product is used or installed, and one that indicates how they must be serviced or maintained. So for example fire extinguishers ...more

How to Save Money on Fire Safety Maintenance
You can save money on fire maintenance! If you are with one of the big 3 fire companies you are probably being ripping off. If you think that statement is a bit over the top, then read on, and see if you can prove me wrong ... more

Fire Safety Compliance NSW
What you need to know about making your workplace compliant for Fire Safety
What are the risks if you choose not to get an Annual Fire Safety Statement ... more

Information about Fire Hose Reels
What do the Australian Standards have to say about using and locating fire hose reels. How much room should you leave around a fire hose reel. ... more

Fire Extinguisher Pressure Testing- A Guide for Building Services Managers
Fire extinguishers should be pressure tested (a process called hydrostatic testing) after 5 years to ensure that the cylinder is safe to use. If you add in the cost of transport, labour and a possible failure rate, It is generally cheaper to replace a dry chemical DCP extinguisher, than it is to test & recharge it. A new extinguisher looks better, and of course has better usable life ... more

Rules for Transporting Diesel Fuel
Can you transport diesel on public roads without a special licence? Are there special tanks for moving diesel on the back of your ute to your construction vehicles ? ... more


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