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Mobile ABE 25Kg

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25 kilo ABE Dry Chemical Powder fire extinguisher mounted on trolley with hose

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Great multi-purpose fire extinguisher for industry, warehouse or manufacturing plant. Can be used on fires involving flammable liquids eg petrol, oil, paint, LPG, can be used on live electrical equipment fires, and ordinary combustibles like wood, textiles, rubber, plastics and paper. This is not your ideal fire extinguisher for diesel, or cooking oil hazards- use our mobile wet foam fire extinguisher instead
The discharge of fine powder may restrict vision. The powder may infiltrate sensitive electrical equipment leaving a residue. The residue can be vacuumed up when dry. If the residue contacts a very hot object it may form a film that is hard to remove. It gives no protection against re-ignition of flammable liquid fires

Rating 25kg
Discharge time: greater than 50 secs
Discharge distance: 6Mtrs
Nozzle diameter: 12mm
Height inc valve and trolley: 970mm
Cylinder height: 720mm
Width wheel to wheel: 330mm
Cylinder diameter: 250mm
Min wall thickness: 1.8mm
Hose length inc nozzle: 4mtr

For information on fire extinguisher types, how they work, where to locate them, visit our resources page

  • Model: MOB25ABE


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