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DCP ABE 1Kg- 4 for 3 deal
DCP ABE 1Kg- 4 for 3 deal

$132.00 inc GST
Home » Buy » Fire Extinguishers » Water Air Foam AFFF » KX07-087-00
Foam hose reel nozzle assembly
Foam hose reel nozzle assembly complete with dip tube
Fire hose reel foam branch kit to mix AFFF foam

This Foam Making Branch was developed to augment the fire fighting capabilities of a standard fire hose reel. Until now, standard fire hose reels have only been suitable for fighting A Class fires. With this Foam Making Branch, your hose reel(s) can instantly be converted to a foam making station, to improve your A Class fire fighting capability and for B Class Fires.
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You may need to also order a 19mm Storz tail coupling to attach directly to the hose; part number ST25COUP19. Other BI and Storz fittings and adaptors are available as extras.

Length: 525 mm
Branch pipe Length: 287 mm
Storz Connection Width: 55mm
Weight: 1320g
Storz Connection: Aluminium Alloy
Seal: Nitrile Rubber, Ball Valve: Brass
Branch Pipe: Stainless Steel
Dip Tube: Aluminium
Working Pressure: 1600 kPa
Test Pressure: 2400 kPa

$275.00 inc GST


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