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CO2 5Kg
CO2 5Kg

$184.80 inc GST
Home » Buy » Fire Extinguishers » Water Air Foam AFFF » FB200ARC
ARC foam 200L bulk
200 litre drum of ARC foam polar solvent resistant concentrate.

ARC (Alcohol-Resistant Concentrate)

ARC polar solvent resistant foam, is used on water miscible fuels such as methyl alcohol, acetone, MTBE.

Fires in flammable liquids that readily mix with water are more difficult to extinguish, because water in the generated foam blanket mixes with the alcohol, and causes the foam blanket to collapse. To overcome this problem a high molecular weight polymer is added during the manufacturing process of ARC. In use, the polymer precipitates out, forming a physical membrane-barrier between the fuel surface and foam blanket.

ARC foam is suitable for use on hydrocarbons fuels at 3% and alcohol type fuels at 6%. Which means for a different fire risk, it has a different mixed rate with the water.

ARC foam concentrate looks like a gel. The thick, gel-like appearance, is normal and does not mean it has gone bad.

Additional freight costs apply to this product because of its weight.

Also available in 20 litre drums

$1,650.00 inc GST


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